Postpartum Registration

Terms of Service Agreement:

1. The care provided by the doula after the birth shall include, but is not limited to, infant care; sibling care; feeding support; postpartum support; support around the house and meal preparation.

2. In the event that the doula works an overnight, the doula is allowed to sleep when the baby/babies is/are asleep and all duties have been completed.

3. The doula shall provide at least three hours of postpartum per visit during the day.  If the doula is staying for an overnight shift, there is a 10-hour minimum.  The latest time a doula can start the night shift is 11 pm, the earliest the shift can end is 6 am for an overnight.

4. All contracted hours must be used within 3 months of date of commencement.  

5. Spectrum Doula Collective regrets that sometimes they will not be able to provide postpartum services as scheduled, due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. family emergency, illness, weather, or a being at a birth).  The doula will make all attempts to schedule an alternate doula to cover the shift, or reschedule the postpartum services.   

6. Postpartum support totalling 24 hours or less need to be paid in full. A package of 50 hours or more can be paid in two installments, initial deposit is required upon booking and before service begins, second deposit is required after the the hours of the initial deposit has been fulfilled. Failure to pay will lead to termination of service.

7. Failure by the client to cancel a scheduled visit with less than 24 hours notice will result in being billed for the cancelled visit.

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