Movement: Spynga

Prenatal Fitness

"I never really got into yoga"

We sometimes hear this from our clients whenever we bring up intentional movement prenatally or during the postpartum period. Some people miss a certain intensity when practising prenatal or postpartum yoga or they would like something more...

If this sounds like you (or if you're looking for an amazing, supportive new studio) we would like to introduce you to Spynga, located at 477 Eglinton Avenue West. 

Spynga is a cycling, yoga, and strengthening studio offering empowering classes to support you during your perinatal journey - from antenatal to prenatal to postpartum and beyond. You can find classes for your little (and not so little) loved ones as well! 

Not sure where to start? Regardless of your level and stage in your perinatal and movement journey you can find something at Spynga - the lovely folks at front desk and the instructors are always happy to help. You can choose from yoga classes, indoor cycling (spinning), the spyngaFlow (an all encompassing combination of spinning and yoga), weight and circuit training classes, prenatal and postnatal classes, and kids and preTeen classes.

Pregnant? Spynga's prenatal yoga classes offer a balanced mix of gentle and dynamic movement, celebrating your changing body and life. These classes have a little bit of everything for everyone (even if you never really got into yoga) - the meditative practice, breathing techniques, gentle stretching, and endurance as well as strengthening poses and flows. If you've been spinning for a while before your pregnancy, the spinning classes might be a great option for you as well (with the OK from your health care practitioner). They're low impact, good cardio, and tons of fun!

Postpartum? There are many options for postpartum mamas (and their babes) at Spynga - including spinning, strength-building, and conditioning. Instructors lead you through a safe and challenging class while your baby is besides you. Interested in other classes? You can absolutely join in - just make sure you chat to the instructor before hand and let them know how far postpartum you are and any injuries or conditions you may have! 

If your little ones are a little bigger (3+ years old) - they can join a yoga kids class (while you're taking a class yourself!). 

Regardless of the class you take, you will be in good hands - a big part of the Spynga philosophy is moving in a safe and sustainable way! If you'd like to learn more about this, check out their blog posts about prenatal and postpartum movement! 

As you can probably tell, we really like Spynga and it's not just because of their amazing classes! The owners of Spynga, Casey Soer and Sari Nisker-Fox are both mamas and wonderful teachers - they put their heart and soul into the studio and genuinely care about everyone (students and staff alike!). You can feel this care whenever you're at Spynga so if you're ever in the area (or looking for a studio) we highly recommend giving it try!


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